I have always known I wanted to start a business, but have been struggling the last few years to formulate what that venture might look like. Having never met Rachel, I landed in Bali with nothing more than that desire and an open heart.  

Ten days later, after productive workshops, inspiring excursions, and vulnerable moments with my fellow attendees, I came home with a framework for a business. 

 Home less than a month, I have already signed my first client.  Not only could I not have accomplished this without the Influencers Retreat, I know that as I build my business, I will continue to work with Rachel for her invaluable guidance and accountability.

I am so grateful to her for her energy, her wisdom, and her beautiful heart.


Bettina Rappaport

My experience in Bali was a once in a lifetime, transformational journey! I was able to experience deep healing on all levels mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually while soaking in the beauty of nature and true kindness of the Balinese culture.

Soul exploration, personal development, team building, and gaining greater clarity on next steps in my life and business were just a few of the areas that made a huge impact for me on this trip.

Rachel Gilmore’s daily coaching was powerful and helped me to gain confidence and clarity that I needed to move to the next higher level in my career. I have a clear framework on areas of focus and improvements to implement over the next 6 months as well as a vision for my long-term future.

Feeling that I was in a place of safe space, I was able to open my heart and give myself permission to be vulnerable in sharing my story with others. During this sharing with others, I had many breakthroughs that opened my heart to higher awareness of forgiveness and compassion.

Overall, this experience in Bali has opened me up to greater emotional states of TRUST, RESPECT, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, and LOVE.

I have a sense of peace and joy in my life, a clear vision for my future, and more energy and motivation than I have ever felt before!

I am so grateful for this opportunity of being able to step out of my comfort zone, step into my power, and raise my vibration energetically.

Lindsey Griffin


Rachel Gilmore’s Small Business Entrepreneur Workshop in Bali was a trip of a lifetime for so many reasons. I went expecting to fine tune my small business plan, identify obstacles holding me back, and soak up the sun and the gratitude-filled, mindful, and collaborative culture that is inherent in Bali.

In this beautiful remote location, away from our daily lives and free from distractions, Rachel guided us through exercises  where we had to dig deep and let go. Brainstorming and supporting each other, we accomplished  all of the above and more! I am so proud of what we accomplished and the deeper friendships that we formed. This experience was powerful and productive and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally!


Meryl Hunte

There is something to be said to getting outside of your comfort zone, leaving your routine, & environment to dig deep to find your why, your message to the world. 

Rachel asked the right questions that  helped me dig deep to find my story and my message that will help me change lives moving forward, that will help me in my business, my marriage, and all my relationships moving forward. I am so grateful for this experience.  Sharing this with my husband was so great for our relationship, I feel we are see each other in a whole new light. -LaTisha Ashley

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, came here with my wife...  Its been fantastic, diving deep into my business, understanding how need to take time to invest into my mindset, relationships, and into my employees I feel better prepared to handle all of life.

Sharing this experience with my wife has definitely improved our relationship and I understand her passion and desires to make a difference in the world on a whole new level. I am so grateful for this experience and cant wait to go home and practice what we have learned.

Oh and the adventures Kayaking in the bioluminescence bay were unbelievable, all the adventures were awesome.

Erik Ashley