Ways to work with me...


    Adventure Travel

Work One on One with me 


Soar to new heights Package- $8k


  • 4 months of one on one coaching value $4k.

  • Weekly 1 hour coaching calls, coaching calls pre and post trip.

  • Transformational travel adventure (your choice of destinations) Some exclusions may apply

  • Membership in Empowering Entrepreneurs mastermind group value $1K

  • 10% off all adventures/retreats with Earth and Soul Adventures value $500-$1K

  • Direct messaging support during 4 months value $200

  • Monthly payments are available


Valued over $12K



Spread your wings package -$4k 


  • 4 months of one on one coaching. Value $4k.

  • Weekly 1 hour coaching calls

  • Membership in Empowering Entrepreneurs mastermind group.  Value $1K

  • 10% off all adventures/retreats with Earth and Soul Adventures. Value $500-$1K

  • Direct messaging support during 4 months.  Value $200

  • Monthly payments are available


Valued over $6K



Empowered to FLY (Empowering Entrepreneurs annual membership)- $333


  • Membership in Empowering Entrepreneurs mastermind group. Value $1K

  • 1- one on one coaching session.  Value $250

  • 10% off all adventures/retreats with Earth and Soul Adventures.  Value $500-$1K

  • Opportunities to speak, give presentations or trainings on your business.

  • Unlimited support and coaching from members. Value  $priceless


Valued over $2800


 Are you ready to Gain clarity on how to get from where you are to where you want to be?


 THE ADVENTURE OF TRAVEL will have you so charged up and ready to take on the world that you’ll finally realize you were always destined for greatness. 


You just needed to tap into your full potential and UNLEASH your gifts to the world.

Are you ready to Step out of your comfort zone to where the real growth happens, and start living an extraordinary life today?


Say yes today to this powerful opportunity to work with me 1:1  for 10 full day’s!


What better way to completely transform your mindset than on an adventure. You will be free from the distractions you are surrounded with at home that keep you stuck in the same patterns.


Without the right environment to enable change, your brain won’t be able to focus on what’s needed to create new neurons (this will be  the perfect environment for transformation). Instead, your brain will be stuck in survival mode, meaning it will choose to travel along pathways it’s already familiar with to mitigate risk (This is why you are stuck and not able to create the life you dream of). If you are ready, willing and committed to the process of TRANSFORMATION reserve your spot now!



Who is this Adventure for?  


A powerful individual who is READY to LIVE life to the fullest and experience all that life has to offer.


This is for you if you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime!


This is for you if you’re ready to tap into your purpose, ignite your passion, and live like there’s no tomorrow.


This is for you if you’re sick of letting fear sabotage your life.


This is for you if you’re committed to attracting and or deepening your romantic relationships.


This is for you if you’re committed to creating financial abundance so you have more time FREEDOM and freedom to LIVE life the 


This is for you if you’re tired of listening to the voice in your head telling you you’re not enough


This is for you is you’re ready to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotaging when things are going well


This is for you if you’ve reached a place in your personal or business life where there’s nothing wrong per se, but you know there’s MORE than what you’re experiencing


This is for you if you’re ready to DECIDE to take your DESTINY in your own hand



Transformational results you can expect?



In the 10 days we will uncover whats been holding you back. We will go to work shifting your mindset so you can take firm action towards the direction of your dream with confidence and clarity. 


Some of the topics we will be diving deep into:


Purpose/Clarity: Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life next year.


Unconscious Beliefs: why you have them, how they effect you and how to change them in order to achieve all that you desire. Breaking down and moving past the thoughts that keep you stuck.


Physical Body: How the correct nutrition fuels you body, Movement in a way that brings you joy.


Emotional Body: Breath work, Self-love, embracing your humanness, how the emotions show up in the physical and how to use this awareness to heal your body holistically.


Finances: Specifically on how to make you more money while doing less of what you dislike and more of what brings you JOY!


Business: Brand building, developing new opportunities, selling authentically.


Family: Deepening all relationships


Romantic Relationship: Attracting a relationship, Exploring next level SEX, intimacy, and fun



When you return home you will have a new belief system about what is possible for you in all areas of your life, and the tools needed to confidently take action towards all that you desire



Transformational Travel Adventures

Work 1:1 with me

All of the same work done in the Adventure travel only done via internet.

In working with me 1:1 you will
UNCOVER what’s possible for you.

Learn how to create all that you desire from a place of alignment!

6 month investment of weekly 1:1 intensive coaching calls $6K