Hiking with Rachel and Earth & Souls Adventures has satisfied my love for nature, my desire for adventure, and my quest for personal growth & support! Rachel is a blessing! 

Heather G


Never believe I could do all the things I'm able to do now... A simple thing like going hiking every weekend has opened a lot of new experiences and goals. This has changed my life.



Are you ready for Life-Changing Clarity?


Welcome to the one and only Adventure program that reveals to you the truth of who you are, what you are here to do, and helps you step confidently into your purpose. 


Introducing: Earth and Soul Adventures



A full 10 day immersive adventure with experienced transformational travel mentor & life purpose coach - providing personalized coaching, unforgettable cultural experiences, adventures in nature, with 12 other like minded/like hearted powerful individuals who have a heart to make the world a better place.


Earth and Soul Adventures is NOT a retreat where you sit inside and go through a workbook, it is NOT an online course, if thats what you are looking for this is not for you.


If you are: 

-Ready to align with your truth, your purpose, and step into your power so that you can serve humanity in a way that will make a difference in the world

-Noticing that you are not living life to its fullest

-Aware that there is so much more than what you've been experiencing 


What you get by adventuring with Earth and Soul Adventures




Customized coaching for the entire adventure trip

pre call, post call

accountability for 3 months in private Facebook group post adventure


1-3 meals per day


Transportation around destination


All excursions listed 


Clarity of who you are and what your purpose is - with your guides on the adventure it Becomes Simple and clear.



Earth and Soul Adventures provides an unforgettable life changing experience + coaching coupled with accountability and support throughout the entire Transformational travel adventure and beyond.


We WILL help you achieve Clarity when you say yes to answering the call to adventure & be willing to trust the process 

















With a small group of powerful like minded/hearted individuals on a 10 transformational travel adventure immersed in the culture, the beauty of the land, the adventures that reveal your true self, and the 2 transformational coaches you cannot lose.

Clarity on how to build a life you love 

Get clear on your purpose, improve your relationships, and so much more.


Register today and reserve your spot for the unforgettable transformational travel adventure, space is limited to 12 powerful individuals 








What you get by adventuring with Earth and Soul Adventures




Customized coaching  for the entire transformational travel adventure

pre call, post call

accountability for 3 months in private Facebook group post adventure


1-3 meals per day


Transportation around destination


All excursions listed 










Investment in Earth and Soul Adventures transformational travel adventure



Pre call with one of your coaches to prepare for the adventure 




all transportation once you arrive at destination






1-3 meals a day


Private Facebook group for 3 months after trip.

Monthly payments are optional, must be paid in full 30 days prior to trip




The experience in Bali was powerful and productive, I would recommend it to anyone who wants to grow personally and professionally!

Meryl Hunte


Rachel’s daily coaching in Bali was powerful and helped me to gain confidence and clarity that I needed to move to the next higher level in my career.

Lindsay Griffin


Sharing this adventure in Puerto Rico with my wife has definitely improved our relationship and I understand her passions and desires to make a difference in the world on a whole new level. I am so grateful for the experience Rachel guided us though.

-Erik Ashley


I landed in Bali with an open heart and a desire to find my purpose. 10 days later, after Rachel's coaching, and vulnerable moments with fellow attendees, I cam home with a clear framework for a business that lights up my soul.

-Bettina Rapport

Are you crystal clear on what you want i

Rachel Gilmore

Transformational Travel Mentor

My highest purpose is to Love humanity! My gift is helping humanity see the truth of who they are, what their gifts are, and teach people how to share their gifts with the world in a way that makes the greatest impact towards a better world for all of us.

I've been in business for myself since the age of 19 years old. I have owned many different businesses including a Pet Resort, a Fitness studio, and a Coaching practice. I have been trained in business, fitness, nutrition, NLP and so much more. Although I believe training is very important, its been my life experiences that have taught me the most.  After all the trainings, and coaching programs I have been through, nothing transformed me like traveling abroad and seeing the world.

After losing a business, my marriage, my dream home, my health and my brother I was at the end of the line physically, mentally & emotionally. I went on a search to find myself, to heal myself, to find purpose, happiness and true fulfillment in life. I found my truth, I found my purpose and I began to walk in that truth helping others to do the same. It was on a transformational journey in South East Asia I birthed Earth and Soul Adventures after experiencing the biggest breakthrough of my life. I knew I was called to marry my passion for Coaching and love for travel together to create a truly transformational experience for anyone who answers the call to adventure. 

I am so grateful to offer this transformational travel adventure to you, it is with great honor I get to walk alongside you on this beautiful journey. I know that you've been called to this adventure and what you will experience in our 10 days together will transform your life forever. 





These Journeys together provide the opportunity for you to connect with local cultures and people, help you reconnect with yourself, create an authentic sense of community with a group of like-minded/hearted travelers, and provide space for meaningful connections & conversations that will impact you for the rest of your life.



We craft unique, immersive small group travel adventures that empower travelers to really connect with the culture, themselves, and each other.


With a max of 12 travelers, our adventures allow for more intimate experiences among the group, It also allows access to places untouched by tourism for a deeper connection & more powerful experience. 


On our adventures, we create something unique and powerful. Traveling & exploring together, creates a safe space for a deeper meaningful connections, personal growth, lasting friendships and life-changing shared experiences. We’ve seen that bringing leaders & visionaries together in this way helps bring about massive growth on both a small and a global scale.

Rachel helped me realize that I was pleasing everyone by saying yes to everything. Saying no is helping me create more time for my business, family, and personal growth.

-Jenni Smith


Each adventure with Rachel is very transcending, and the overall experience is worth every step.

-Rafael Smith

Adventure off the beaten path


Hike various terrains, Rock climb on a beach or in the mountains, Sleep in a tent next to a flowing stream, Climb a Volcano. Cook with the locals. Hike to meet the sunrise. Paddleboard through Mangroves. Snorkel with the sea Turtles. Watch the sunset with the Elephants. Ride bikes through the countryside. Walk along the cliffs of Northern Europe. Ride 4 wheelers through the jungle. Zipline through the rainforest. Swim next to waterfalls. Hang out with the monkeys.  Kayak in the bioluminescent bay. Immerse yourself in nature. Learn a new skill. Adventure awaits, you can also choose your own, the possibilities are endless.

Personal Transformation


These Small Group adventures will take you on a deep exploration into your own heart and mind, you will be provided with powerful opportunities to explore who you truly are. You will re-discover yourself, your power, your dreams, your passions, your skills & gifts, and your highest purpose. It takes disconnecting from routines, expectations and responsibilities to have the freedom to re-connect with the truth of who you are, and what you are here to do.


THE ADVENTURE OF TRAVEL will have you so charged up and ready to take on the world that you’ll finally realize you were always destined for greatness.


You just needed to tap into your full potential (you will do that on an adventure) and UNLEASH your gifts to the world to make a massive impact.


Are you ready to Step out of your comfort zone to where the real growth happens, and start living and leading an extraordinary life today?